The unique building concept
    from building owner to building owner
    and of course
    from building women to building women.


    3 cost estimates from contractors in Zurich, Berne, and Fribourg. A mission and the motivation that can be done cheaper!
    Cheaper: Clever construction management and planning concept, cheaper shopping across Europe and using innovative building materials while increasing quality.
    One year later and 200 cost estimates! The construction phase and the emergence of a new innovative generation of construction. The Komforthaus what else!

    • Planning

      Every project requires individual planning that is tailored to your own needs.

    • Excavation

      Every excavation is of great importance. It is the genesis of your project.

    • Foundation

      The foundation is the platform of your house and has the most important function in your construction project.

    • Shell

      We trust in our competent partners.

    • Expansion phase

      During this construction phase, too, we fully trust our craftsmen and suppliers. The quality is just right here.

    • Ready for moving in

      For us that means we have fulfilled our dream and are only looking forward to enjoying our own house for a lifetime.


      • The creation of the "Komforthaus"

        We decided to buy a house in 2019. The easiest way to buy a house! Almost everyone thinks. But the reality is different. We looked at some single houses that were on offer at the time. But unfortunately, the right single-family home was not there for us. There was simply a lack of the individual and the creative ideas that were brought in, combined with their own design concept. And a very important point! All the single-family houses offered were simply too expensive for our budget. We were looking for solutions to make our dream come true. We also didn't want to deviate from the solid house construction concept, so a prefabricated house was out of the question for us. The sales philosophy of the prefabricated house suppliers is: Prices starting from! We wanted to know exactly what we pay for and what we get for it! The solution followed and with it the quick decision to buy a plot of land. With our fixed budget in the region in which we live, to buy a plot of land and the great pleasure of being able to build our own house as a drive. We also found a piece of land very quickly and bought it straight away. During this time, we were looking for efficient and modern construction methods and the associated building materials. Our house should be contemporary. After time-consuming research, we were able to identify well with the building material Ytong. We had found a suitable building material. "Time-saving and efficient construction", so the statement of the provider.
        After an intensive clarification with the provider, this statement also turned out to be true. Then we obtained the important information from the building authorities through our architect and the local building authority and received confirmation that we are on the right track to build our family home in this way. After monthly planning of the house, cost accounting and requests for quotations from the craftsmen and an evaluation of well over 200 cost estimates, the comfort house was developed. Building only works with a manageable budget right from the start and through the experience of other builders.

      • The idea of the "Komforthaus"

        ... is the efficient, cost-oriented, cost-controlled, modern, and fast solid house construction. Share experiences and networks with clients. Thus, avoiding unnecessary costs and excessive margins.
        Build without a general contractor and with an architect flat rate.
        Our professional planning team will look after you right from the start. Advises you on a suitable financing model and arranges the right insurance for you during the construction phase and beyond.
        Your planning team is by your side until the keys are handed over and you benefit from our experience as a client.
        Based on a current construction project. Existing redesigned and innovation integrated. For a single-family home construction project, we evaluated 200 craftsmen's cost estimates over 18 months.
        Several dozen conversations were held with the entrepreneurs and price analyzes were carried out.
        From this evaluation 35 professional and competent entrepreneurs remained, who provide their services at fair prices.
        We are happy to provide you with this specialist knowledge.
        We look forward to receiving your inquiries.


        Concept and Startup

        Business X Union AG
        Amthausgasse 3
        CH-3011 Bern

        +41 (0) 44 586 59 95
        +41 (0) 76 532 33 20



        38 Grad
        Ueberlandstr. 107
        CH-8600 Dübendorf

        +41 (0) 76 531 28 39


        Interior architect

        Landhofstrasse 5c
        CH-8864 Reichenburg

        +41 (0) 78 754 05 41


        Planning and shell construction

        WELBAU - AG für wirtschaftliches Bauen
        Grossmatte 19b
        CH-6014 Luzern

        +41 (0) 79 641 02 88


        Product consulting

        Produkt Beratung - YTONG - Bausatzhaus
        Xella Porenbeton Schweiz AG
        Steinackerstrasse 29
        CH-8302 Kloten

        +41 (0) 79 791 85 42